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Next Level Athletes: HS Basketball Feeder Program

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Next Level Athletes brings you the KC Metro High School Feeder program.  

We currently have three basketball feeder sites; Liberty High School, Blue Springs High School and Blue Springs South High School.  

The goal is to help student athletes prepare to play basketball in high school by learning the systems, philosophies and disciplines of their high school programs  before they get to high school. 

We work closely with the high school coaches to prepare and teach student athletes  the HS program expectations as well as  help student athletes  develop individually on and off the court.

Liberty HS Feeder Program


Blue Springs HS & Blue Springs South HS


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Have questions about how Next Level Athletes can help you? 

Please give us a call at 816-908-9934. 

You can also email for L-Town Blue Jays or for the Future Cats  & Future Jags programs.

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